Bun Trail Welder

Welcome To Bun Trail Welder.  Light weight, compact, and portable spool gun welder. Powered by 24volt batteries. Everything you need under 11lbs.

Every kit is built to order out of beautiful Placerville, "Hang Town" California.

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  • Crystal - Sandy, UT

    " We love ours...incredible performance, at an affordable price you can’t beat it... check it out if you don’t have one get yourself one... it’s absolutely amazing!"

  • Kent - El Dorado, CA

    " Your welder saved my butt in the middle of the Mojave Desert! My friend Nick Delucca had your welder and was able to weld the Timbren Axel Drop back onto the swing arm. Without this repair I would still be out there."

  • Denton - Citrus Heights, CA

    " Sue Lee-Bun, your welder kicks ass! We welded 4 trucks together in 2 days. One of them broke a knuckle literally split in half. We welded it back together and dude partied all weekend!"