Meet The Buns!

We are a Sue & Chai Bun, a small mom-and-pop kind of shop out of Placerville, CA. With over 20 years of combined experience in off road 4x4 adventures, our passion brought us to create a must-have tool: The Bun Trail Welder!

Solely based on first-hand experiences crawling through trails like The Rubicon and Fordyce, testing the limits of our trucks, which tends to break a lot of parts! Being in the middle of a trail many miles from the nearest repair shop forces us to come more and more prepared trip after trip. One of the most sought-after tools was required. My husband used a home made stick welder, like many others, for years. Then one day, he was talking about dissecting the spool gun. Before we knew it, he was able to modify it into a working welder with batteries and made it portable! We completed the kit with quick connect jumper and ground cables. The Bun Trail Welder came to life! This is the one tool you never want to leave home without!